Powerful Features

The Lailo Smart Character is a true-to-life digital person with facial expressions and gestures, acting emotionally with personality and character, who responds to your customers. As an assistant who has direct contact with the customer, it can guide your customers through your assortments and products, can give them tips and tricks and answer questions. The LaiLo – AI Avatar turns the information transfer at the PoS into a lasting experience for your customers!

Answer questions and conduct dialogues

Lailo answers all your customers' questions: whether about the product, the service or general information. For the more complicated questions, Lailo conducts natural dialogues with your customers.

Find information faster

Real time saving: the tedious search for information is a thing of the past. Instead, Lailo delivers results in seconds.

Human-like communication

Communicating with Lailo is not only fun, but also incredibly easy for your customers thanks to natural human language. Is there any type of communication that could be more natural than human language?


Lailo is a real linguistic talent, he is fluent in all major world languages and even understands dialects.

True to life animated Smart Character

With its human-like gestures and facial expressions, Lailo arouses real emotions. Furthermore, there are no limits to his appearance.

Intuitive usage

The clearly designed user interface makes your Smart Character super easy to use and suitable for all your customers. Try it out for yourself now!

Comprehensive analysis tools

Keep an overview of your customers' requests at all times - see what your customers are looking for, what they are interested in and what information they are currently missing.

Easy creation and integration

Lailo can be integrated into any website via plugin or with four lines of code. Even the necessary knowledge training of your personal smart character is easy and requires no technical knowledge.

Open application interfaces

Lailo can be connected to any external interfaces and thus optimally complements your existing software. In turn, Lailo can also be controlled from your software.

100% GDPR compliant

Lailo guarantees you the best data protection and complete data security. We have had a critical look over our shoulder and promise full transparency. There are various expert opinions on this. Talk to us!