Your Advantages

Generate lasting advantages and added value for your company, with LAILO – AI Avatar. It is not just another application, but an invaluable tool for your marketing and communications.


Reduce support costs

Are your employees often asked the same or similar questions? Let Lailo take over the first level support. This leaves more time for extensive consulting sessions.

More purchases

With Lailo, your customers find what they are looking for faster. As a result, you benefit from higher sales.

24/7 Customer Service

Lailo is available around the clock to assist your customers - whether for advice, questions or data collection. Lailo is always there for your customers.

Automated lead generation

Let Lailo generate qualified leads for you. Contact forms, input masks and questionnaires are a thing of the past. Lailo asks your customers for the information they need.

Innovative competitive advantage

Take advantage now of what tomorrow's markets demands - be one step ahead of your competitors thanks to the innovative Lailo Smart Character technology. The Lailo technology is unique worldwide.

Competent and professional advice

Lailo helps your customers find the information they are looking for - whether text, image, video, link or much more.